Enigma of Cryptos

Ignorance is bliss. So said Cypher, and so says Veil, leader of the Masked Men. They call themselves "Cypherites" these days. They are more organized and have more resources than anyone realized, all in an effort to "take the blue pill" and go back to their pods. I say if you wanna go back, then go back. I'm sure the Machines would be happy to oblige. Just don't bug me about it. The Cypherites don't see it that way and have been causing trouble for everyone. Merv wants me to capture Veil so we can set matters straight. This oughta be fun.

I don't get these guys. I spend as much time in the Matrix as anybody, but I prefer to do it with eyes wide open. They've been busy, that's for sure, and it looks like they got themselves a new spokesman: Cryptos. He's placed his magic boxes all around the city. It's silly if you ask me, but with his silver tongue, they are bound to gather more support.


This was kinda cool. It wasn't a live event, but the Cryptos boxes were a neat addition to the game. It was our task to track down these boxes and find out when Cryptos comes out. There were some clues in the critical missions, as you can see in a couple of the screenshots. As far as I know, the boxes are still out there and functional, except for one that was disabled I think. I betcha that causes a "WTF?" when a noob strolls around one at the right time. Now that the search is over, I think it would be a good idea for the devs to turn this into a mission where a player would have to "tag" all of the boxes, listen to Crytos speeches, and get XP/Info. In fact, I have ideas on how to make live event content replayable as well, but that's another discussion.

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