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Chapter 3: Episode 3

Conflict. It's a staple in the Matrix, even with the so-called truce in place. Word on the street is that Zion and The General have had a little tiff, and Flood wants me to find out more. Problem is Zion is coming at us hard and making that difficult, so Flood wants to manufacture a conflict of his own between Zion and the Cypherites. Maybe that will give us a little breathing room.

Chapter 4: Episode 1

Reconciliation is rare in the Matrix. Niobe and The General have kissed and made up. Their little rumble was an unfortunate understanding. I betcha those Zion operatives woulda liked to have known that before they fell to their deaths. Heh, heh. That's too bad. We coulda used another enemy against Zion, because they are keeping the pressure on, and now with help from their Commando friends. It's job security, I guess, but we're looking for better ways to combat them. Flood still wants to use the Cypherites to keep Zion busy, but I think it may backfire on him.

Chapter 4: Episode 2

E Pluribus Neo. That's what this new group of Neo zealots are calling themselves, and they are led by none other than "The Kid". No, I'm not joking. Look, I recognize Neo's sacrifice for humanity, but I'm not about to kneel down and worship the guy. That's not what he woulda wanted, and it's not about what Neo wanted anyway. It's about survival, and he sacrificed himself so we could live our lives the way we want. Not everyone sees it that way. Morpheus didn't, and he's caused a hell of a lot of trouble. First, he helped create the Cypherites with his mass awakening of bluepills. Now, these EPNer's are pissed off and wanna take out Cryptos. Morpheus may yet still bring down the Matrix. Maybe the Machines shoulda given up Neo's body after all.

Life goes on. Flood wants to use an EMCP device against the Commandos and Machine Agents, if possible. We've also located the General's helipad in Morrell. This confirms that he is responsibile for dropping the anti-Merv leaflets on the city, but also gives me a chance to try out my EMCP device. Nice.


There's not much to report. The devs were hard at work on Combat Revision 2.0 and the Anniversary Event. They did manage to push out one subchapter each month, which kept the storyline rolling at a decent pace. The Winter Holiday, while not part of the MxO cannon, was a nice diversion. The helipad was kinda cool for a few hours. All-in-all, not a bad time, but more exciting stuff was on the way.

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