Cryptos Boxes

A different Cryptos Box opens every 5 minutes, then there is an hour break before the boxes open again.  There are 11 boxes in the city.  My thought is that the 12th box is the one in the Cinematic.

Neighborhood Coordinates Nearest HL Time
Bathary Row X:-552 Y:-6 Z:356 Stamos NW :00
I was once angry.  I was once proud.  But anger and pride are sins I learned.  Not against that which keeps us alive.  But against oneself.  Are we here to eat gruel and shiver in caves when light and comfort and culture beckon?  No!  We must swallow our pride and something else... something blue.
Union Hill X:117 Y:19 Z:837 Union Hill N :00
Its a simple choice:  Poverty, Discomfort, Powerlessness -- or an embrace of what the world is.  You don't need a cipher to break this code my brothers and sisters.  The code was broken long ago by one who died for the sins of pride and anger caught in the middle blasted with blue energy when he only wanted a blue pill!
Center Park X:-964 Y:13 Z:-136 Center Park S :10
We live in a green world.  It has its own ecology.  Some would disturb that web of almost life--overrun it with parasites that sap its energy... rather then giving energy back!  I understand!  I wanted that wild freedom myself--untouched by the laws: natural, artifical; but too many gods can ruin even heaven.
Kaede X:113 Y:1 Z:-294 Kaede C    :15
Hamlet feared what dreams might come.  But we need fear no dream!  We know it. We see it around us.  Savor that bite of steak.  That sip of wine.  As an audience savors a play.  They don't worry about the false fronts of the set.  The power supply of the lights.  They dream the dream.  So should we.
Lucero Point X:-275 Y:-1 Z:-324 Stamos SC :20
I know only some will heed my call.  Others will stay, enjoy their cheating life.  Because it is cheating!  It knows no rules.  Shows no gratitude for those that keep us alive--that preserve civilization.  But if we all cheat we all die!  Thats the danger.  I am asking you to do the right thing!
Edgewater X:-1511 Y:-6 Z:-958 Edgewater C :25
I knew the giver of sleep.  He kept his eye on his dream and achieved it.. in a way.  But now I wonder if would approve of this strange ammourphous state.  I think he would join us!  I think he would throw his reds in the river and sing the blues with us.  We can never know--may he rest in peace.  But this is what I believe.
Dannah Heights X:250 Y:5 Z:-1075 Dannah Heights W :30
How will it work?  There is a way.  They will tell us.  Go up to some gent and tell him your need for rest.  He'll know which pharmasict to call.  He'll know where theres a warm bed.  I know I can't wait to close my eyes and live as we were meant to live!
Ueno X:-204 Y:3 Z:117 Akasaka W :35
It isnt they who ruined our home.  We ruined it ourselves; trying to starve an enemy of light we turned our world dark.  But it caused a good thing.  It caused them to need us and us them.  Interdependence, Symbiosis, A matrix of mutual need--an equation of peace.
Roger's Way X: -535 Y:-4 Z:-620 Roger's Way C :40
I knew him.  I mourn him. saddened I sigh for what might have been.  He was ahead of his time.. ready to save so many lives with his solution.  But its not to late.  It we can still implement.  We can eat our stakes and raise our wine glasses to him and the great actor he might have become.
Gracy Heights X:-643 Y:1 Z:-1542 Gracy Heights C    :45
Virtual is virtuous!  A warm hand in mine is still atoms and chemicals and dieing cells.  Its the warmth, the appearance that matters.  Green rivers flow but its the surface that reflects the sky.  Nothing wrong with that.  Embrace it! Beauty is virtual! Nothing survives scrutiny.  So Screw Scrutiny!
Eshean Projects X: 1257 Y: -4 Z: -1404 Eshean Projects C :50
Join us!  There is work to do before we rest.  We need to make our bed before we lie in it.  Seek the Veil and heed the words.  She will help you with your work.
Hampton Green Cinematic
You know the dream. You've dreamed it. But you can never dream if you're fully awake.  The raw, rough strata of life on the ground, underground, are too harsh.  You know we must return. The world is ours, if only we submit to a higher authority.

The Company