Live Event: The Kill Code

Neurophyte is not quite 100%. That's to be expected, given the trauma of her recent events, and who knows what effects the killcode remnants are having on her. She and the rest of the Novalis II are on leave and have been ordered to rest and have some fun. Neurophyte seems to be taking that order seriously.

June 30

Malphas calls us together to discuss the Masked Men and the Red-Eyed Agents. He recommends infiltrating their ranks, but it is unclear exactly what he expects of us.

July 1

Flood sends me on a few missions. During one mission, Flood confides that the Merovingian is indeed responsible for Morpheus' death. This is not a big surprise since Merv brought the Assassin here. What is surprising is that Flood wants us to work with the Assassin. Niobe is already looking for revenge, and Zion is hard at work on a substance to kill the Assassin. This isn't going to make things any easier.

Meanwhile, Neurophyte is beginning to uncover the power of the killcode.

July 2

The Assassin starts making appearances in Mara C and other locations. Redpills try to kill him to no avail. Neurophyte has been seen often as well. She seems a bit shaky and unsure of herself.

July 3

The Assassin shows up in Mara C again, leaving death and destruction in his wake. When he decides to leave, the chase is on. As usual, he has his fun and gets away.

Neurophyte looks sickly in Mara C. She has a general fear and ... well, I'll let the system logs tell the story from here.

  • Neurophyte: I'm getting goosebumps about this. It doesn't feel right.
  • Neurophyte: Let's not go anywhere that we normally go. But, maybe... near a church. I'll feel better.
  • Alucard: Lets go the the church over there.
  • Neurophyte: No, Mara C. is too crowded.
  • [System] Operator: Operatives, we have tapped into the following live transmission feed.
  • [System] Scylla01: Target Acquired. Estimated time to arrival: 180 seconds. Objective: Eliminate Potential Carrier
  • Neurophyte: Whoa, better move.
  • Skaype: Neurophyte, they're onto you again.
  • Neurophyte: Pick a place... quick.
  • CaseDecker: Sobra Shores
  • Neurophyte: Sobra it is....
  • Neurophyte: Go!

Everyone regroups at Sobra Shores Church.

  • Neurophyte: Wait.
  • Neurophyte: I don't want to go in there.
  • CaseDecker: What is it Neurophyte?
  • ZoSoZodiac: Morpheus's body isn't there anymore, no worries
  • Neurophyte: No, it isn't Morph or anything like that.
  • Sphairo: Its the agents, their after her
  • Neurophyte: Yeah... I think this isn't going to go easy on us.
  • Alucard: Should we check the inner part of the church?
  • Neurophyte: Yeah, look around, I guess. I need to sit down.
  • Skaype: Neurophyte, the code you're carrying... it's reacting to something.
  • Neurophyte: Yeah it is.
  • Neurophyte: Hey, if I flip out, or whatever, just, uh, give me my space. I don't know what I can do with this thing.

  • [System] Neurophyte looks around.
  • Neurophyte: I don't like this part.
  • Neurophyte: KILL!
  • [System] Neurophyte uses an Ability.
  • Neurophyte: DIE! GO BACK TO THE REAL!
  • Neurophyte: Whoa, this is weird, I kind of have control now.
  • Neurophyte: GAH!
  • Neurophyte: MORE!
  • [System] Neurophyte points Agent straight ahead.
  • Neurophyte: DIE!
  • [System] Neurophyte screams in anguish at Agent.
  • Neurophyte: Whoa.
  • Neurophyte: My head.
  • CaseDecker: take a break Neurophyte we can handle some of these
  • Neurophyte: They're running out of Agents!
  • Neurophyte: THIS IS IT!

The red-eyed agents numbers dwindle down to nothing, then a "super agent" appears to take on Neurophyte.

  • Neurophyte: I sense something!
  • Agent_8C1717: Target sighted.
  • Neurophyte: You.
  • [System] Agent_8C1717 uses an Ability.
  • [System] Neurophyte uses an Ability.
  • [System] Agent_8C1717: Rebooting program Agent_8C1717. Initiating Kill-code countermeasure program version .01.
  • SuperJenius: uh oh
  • Neurophyte: Interesting.
  • Skaype: RUN NOW!
  • Neurophyte: He's not dead.
  • Neurophyte: Anyone see him?
  • Neurophyte: I can take him.
  • Neurophyte: There you are.
  • Neurophyte: Let's see the upgrade.
  • Agent_8C1717: Very well.
  • [System] Agent_8C1717 uses an Ability.
  • Neurophyte: Ouch.
  • [System] Neurophyte uses an Ability.
  • Neurophyte: Odd.

Neurophyte's killcode has a limited effect on the super agent, but the Assassin shows up to change the face of the battle. When the Assassin attacks, Neurophyte unloads on him, but it doesn't phase him.

  • [System] Assassin uses an Ability.
  • [System] Agent_8C1717 was just killed by Assassin.
  • Sphairo: ASSASSIN!!
  • Neurophyte: What was THAT?
  • [System] Assassin thinks Neurophyte's time is over.
  • DeaconFrost: Neuro get outta there
  • [System] Neurophyte points Assassin straight ahead.
  • Andros: kill her
  • Neurophyte: I don;t know if this will work...
  • [System] Neurophyte uses an Ability.
  • Neurophyte: Hmm.
  • [System] Assassin disapproves of Neurophyte.
  • [System] Assassin uses an Ability.
  • Neurophyte: Ouch!
  • CaseDecker: Neurophyte are you ok?
  • Neurophyte: wdwd/si
  • Neurophyte: Ouch.
  • Neurophyte: No.
  • Neurophyte: That Assassin shot me in the head with something.
  • Skaype: Neurophyte, You okay?
  • Neurophyte: Yeah, I'm not dead.
  • Alucard: Neurophyte he has left.
  • Neurophyte: Ok, I'm making my way to the hardline.
  • Neurophyte: Wow, he kicked our butts.
  • hedRUSH: what now Neuro?
  • Neurophyte: I think I broke a rib. I'm going to jack back out.
  • Neurophyte: hedRUSH, you should lead a search party.
  • Neurophyte: I'm going to jog to the hardline. Thanks for the support, everyone.
  • Neurophyte: Wow, this was a tough thirty minutes.
  • Neurophyte: Thanks everyone. I guess I'm just good against most of those Red-eyes. We need to kick those guys out of the Matrix.
  • Neurophyte: If you find any way to take that Assassin out, let me know. I have a bone to pick with them.

Neurophyte walks away from the battle, a little worse for the wear, but alive. With her new powers, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Data Node 1, Flash Traffic, Broadcast Depth, and The Sentinel were conspicuously silent during this event. In fact, the devs didn't even name this event. Darconn came up with the name. I imagine things were pretty chaotic for the devs after the recent announcement that the game would transition to SOE. However, players were worried too, especially about the future of live events, and silence from the devs was not a good thing. Many of us wondered if there was going to be a live event at all, but as usual the Live Events Team came through. You know, with all the problems the game had in those early days, LET pretty much stayed on schedule and gave us plenty to do, and for that I was thankful.

Now, on to the event itself. This wasn't a bad event. It was all action and interaction with characters. No puzzles, no stories to read, so it wasn't as immersive as other events to me, but I still had fun. Some people complained that they had to watch the final battle instead of participate in it, but I didn't think that was a big deal.

Neurophyte may have been seen hanging out with redpills from time to time, but this is the last time she would be featured in a Live Event. This report is based on what went down on Proxy server (now Syntax). I imagine things were different on the servers where Neurophyte died in the last event.

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