Live Event: Double Cross

Act One: A Tangled Web

July 12

Chaos. It is in direct opposition to the simple life I prefer to lead, but it breeds in the Matrix. Red-eyed agents continue to search for "potential carriers", whatever the hell that means. And is Morpheus alive? Someone who looks a hell of a lot like him is setting off code bombs across the city. Rumours are that the Masked Men are now calling themselves "Cypherites", and they are recruiting new blood from all organizations. Last but not least, the Assassin is still on his rampage against redpills. I told him "Hey Buddy, I'm on your side.", but he must not understand English. This son of a bitch is on my last nerve.

Act Two: Along Came a Spider

July 16

Betrayal. There's a reason it feels like a knife in the back. It comes from within, and Zion is feeling it right now. Vashuo, a member of the vaunted Novaliss II crew, is dead. An apparent traitor is in their midst. Flood wants us on the case to get more info on this traitor. He provides a transcript of the mission assignments. Vague at best, but I do find some interesting fragments at the mission locations.

Flood contacts me with more information on these fragments. They are remnants of cell phone signals the traitor used to kill Vashuo. Apparently, the traitor intended to kill the entire crew, but the Operator pulled everyone else out before it could happen. These clues lead to a ninth location where the killer must have initiated the kill signal. This is going to take more brains than brawn, so some friends help me plot it out.

Bingo! The center of all eight mission locations leads me to a ninth set of fragments in Rogers Way.

Based on the clues, I send Flood my take on who commited the murder.

WHO: Toorima

WHERE: Gracy Heights (behind Mockingbird)

WHAT: Infiltration


CRIME: X: -100 Y:1 Z: -640 (Rogers Way)

July 19

Rumours are flying that the traitor may be none other than "Veil", a highly-ranked leader in the Cypherite clan. A few minutes later, confirmation comes in that Toorima (aka Tasha Spencer) is indeed the traitor, masquerading as Veil behind closed doors. Her capture is a big deal for Zion. Although I am not the first to report her identity, it feels good to crack the case.

Meanwhile, Enmascarado shows up in Mara strutting his stuff. He's looking for trouble and calling out the Assassin. What a fuckin' idiot. Didn't he see what happened to Morpheus and every other redpill that tried to take him on? He sets off a code bomb to show off and talks trash about Morpheus working for the Cypherites. As if. Niobe arrives a little later to see what's going on.

The Assassin doesn't back down from taunts, so it's no surprise when he shows his porcelain face. All three of 'em are ready to go at it. This is gonna be fun to watch. Niobe doesn't waste any time gettin' into it with the Assassin.

Me and few other Mervs throw some heals on the Assassin. Hey! I'm just doin' my job, but Niobe doesn't like it. Frustrated, she backs out of the fight. I don't think she was gonna win anyway. The Assassin takes the opportunity to put a bullet in Enmascarado's head. Yes! He goes down, but he has a little surprise waitin' for us. Fire Virus!

We eventually all spread out and the virus dies. A chaotic week indeed. I'm ready to get back to the simple life.


This was another good event. After the recent questions about live events continuing under SOE, having another one only a couple of weeks after The Kill Code was a good move. I think most people had good things to say about this event, especially the puzzle. Although I didn't see much of the action in "Act One", the hunt to determine Vashuo's killer was challenging and entertaining. Unlike previous events, it was very clear that there was a puzzle, so everyone got to participate. With a little help from the map above, I was able to figure out that Toorima was the traitor, and that was very satisfying.

As hinted at the bottom of the Broadcast Bay message, this was the last event for the Live Events Team. SOE confirmed later that they did not have the resources to keep the team. This was a sad day. The LET had provided us with hours of exciting live events, and I hated to see them go. Kudos to them for going out with a bang instead of a whimper. They combined all the elements from previous events: Red-eyed agents, Cypherites, the Assassin, the Novalis II crew, and topped it off with the Fire Virus as a last hurrah. And they did this on all nine servers! Thanks for all the hard work, LET!

Although they wouldn't occur as often, this was not the end of live events.

Shortly after this event, SOE decided to merge the servers from nine down to three. I think this was a good move. Although Proxy was relatively healthy, other servers were ghost towns, and it was good to see more people around the city.

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