Live Event: The Race to Find the One

Peace. Many pay lip service to it, but Neo died for it. I'll not forget that soon. Many of my fellow Merovingian cohorts ridicule him, but I know I wouldn't be sitting here typing if it wasn't for him. I presume he is dead, of course. There are those that say Neo is still alive, in one form or another. Wishful thinking, if you ask me. Peace ain't free and Neo had to pay the price.

April 1

The funny thing about peace is that there's always someone who wants to screw it up, and those people are not in short supply these days. Every time I turn around I see another group going at it. Not exiles, mind you. These are redpills, the "saviors of humanity". That's hypocritical, you might say, coming from someone who likes to get his hands dirty. But it makes you wonder if Neo's sacrifice was worth anything.

April 7

To make matters worse, these red-eyed "LED Agents" have intensified their attacks. They are carrying around PDA's, searching for "contraband fragments". I've collected several of these PDA's and turned them in to the Merovingian. After extensive analysis, we've determined that the the agents are collecting fragments of Neo's RSI, which include his dying thoughts. We're not the only ones that have figured this out, so the Merovingian wants us to collect as many as possible. The race is on.

April 8

Morpheus himself made speeches around the city today trying to convice us to return to Zion. What a joke! Don't get me wrong, I respect the guy, but "been there, done that". I gotta admit though, that when he pulled Neo's RSI out of his hat, he impressed me and everyone else there. He somehow cobbled it together out of the fragments from the LED agents. Not to be outdone, Flood eventually called us together to show his own copy of Neo.

Persephone had a dream about Neo tonight, which she relayed to all Merv operatives. I'm sure Zionites dream about Neo every night, but an exile program like Persephone? Very strange. I am unsure of the meaning, but there's a bit about coming together with the other organizations. That'll be the day. My contacts tell me that Morpheus and the Architect have had similar dreams and that they contain some kind of coded message. Things keep getting weirder.

April 9

Apparently, someone cracked the case today. Combining the encoded messages from the dreams with one of Neo's RSI Fragments led a group of operatives to the Oracle, after which she transmitted a message to all operatives in Mega City. She spoke of "Shapers" that have the power to rebuild Neo's RSI from the fragments. She said all orgs need to work together to accomplish this. No doubt, when the Oracle speaks, everyone listens, but she asked too much. When the Shapers were spotted, everyone rushed to "protect" them and claim Neo's Gift for themselves. As expected, we Merv operatives claimed the most Shapers, but in spite of the Oracle's warnings, one of the Shapers was captured by the "intruders". I wonder what repercussions this will have.

April 10

Holy Shit! I just encountered what I can only describe as a "N30 Agent"! The "intruders" have been up to no good, somehow combining Neo's RSI with an LED agent. I can't tell you what a stun it is to look the epitome of good and evil in the eye. A couple of kicks to the face pulled me out of it though, after which I showed it my gun and put a bullet through its head. Looking down at the body brings on mixed emotions. I wouldn't call it "blasphemy" like the true believers, but this is seriously fucked up. Even the Merovingian acknowledges that, and he tells us to clean house. There are thousands of these bastards and it's time to get to work.

As if the N30 Agents aren't bad enough, now "Lightning Agents" are appearing. These things are damn hard to kill and they pack quite a punch. Me and a couple of buddies try to take one on, but he's too much to handle. He puts me on the ground in no time. As I try to get up, I see the barrel of a gun pointed at me with a Zionite behind me. "You son of a ..." is all I get out before he pulls the trigger, but the bullet doesn't hit me. It hits the agent. It is followed by attacks from Machinist and Merv operatives alike. Eventually, we are able to bring down the agent. Reports from around the city tell the same story. I guess the Oracle was right: only working together could we defeat this foe. Now, I'd like to know who is behind all of this.


This was a great event. To this day, it is one of my favorites. The combination of the major movie characters (including Neo!) with new story elements was well done and brought a sense of excitement. Just about every day included something we hadn't seen before, escalating to the final battle with the super agents, not to mention PvP which started only a week earlier. If this is the way all live events were going to be, I think we were off to a great start.

Of course, not everything was guns and roses. There were still some glitches from launch, and getting all those people in one place puts a real strain on the system. Then there were those that missed some of the events. One of the fundamental issues with "live" events, is that if you aren't there, you miss out. Lastly, the devs replaced all mobs with agent spawns. If someone got tired of killing agents, they couldn't kill mobs for access node keys to advance in the game. Fortunately, the devs didn't repeat this mistake in future events. Overall, I had a great time and I thought the devs did an excellent job.

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