Live Event: Nightfall

Exiles. They're a creepy bunch. Rubbing shoulders with them ain't my idea of a good time. They're always looking at you like you're their next meal. Just part of the job, I guess, but I'll never get used to it.

Ookami and Malphas, respective leaders of the Lupines and Blood-drinkers, have gone missing. Ookami is one crazy bitch, but she ain't bad to look at. I wouldn't mind giving that dog a bone. She can scratch all she wants, as long as her nails are running down my back. Never mind that it would kill me. Seems the floating feast ain't enough for these freaks. An exile cannot live on code alone.

Exiles are attacking Zion, Machine, and Merovingian operatives alike, apparently in "retaliation" for their leaders' capture. All orgs deny involvement, but Flood wants us to "make an example" of the attackers. Looks like my stash of wooden stakes and silver bullets is going to come in handy.

When one leader falls, there's always another to take its place. Invalesco has risen to fill the void left by his master, Malphas, offering great power to all those that will follow him. Much to his dismay, it turns out Malphas and Ookami are not dead after all, and now they are making a power play against the Merovingian, which means against me and my faction. Great.

In spite of his master's return, Invalesco continues his quest for power. He begins a ritual to change a human into an exile, but is interrupted by his brother, Feronus. Invalesco then kills his own brother. Humans and exiles chase him all over International District, but he gets away, escaping into the Archives.

Eventually, Invalesco is tracked down and killed. The Merovingian uses the opportunity to regain control of Malphas and Ookami. Even he can't keep animals caged forever, but maybe the small bit of fresh air they enjoyed will suffice for a while.

Chapter 1: Episode 2

Purpose. "It is purpose that guides us. Purpose that connects us. Purpose that pulls us. That guides us. That drives us. It is purpose that defines us. Purpose that binds us." -- Smith

I couldn't have said it better myself. Now it seems Morpheus has found himself a new purpose: the return of Neo's body. Some things are better off left alone, if you ask me.


Question: What do vampires and werewolves have to do with Morpheus and the return of Neo's body? Answer: Absolutely nothing. That was a bit confusing, since we were told shortly before that the event would "directly relate" to Cinematic 1.2 (scroll to bottom). Looking back, it seems there was a problem getting chapter 1.2 out the door. If I remember correctly, Cinematic 1.2 was released around the time of the event, and the critical missions came later.

We know now that this was a LET (Live Events Team) event, which basically means that this was a side-story to the main plotline by Paul Chadwick. That doesn't take anything away from the event. Most people enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the parts that I played. I actually missed the last part of the event where we had to find Invalesco, because I thought this was going to be a three-day event ending on Sunday. My mistake, but along with the confusion about advancing the storyline, this turned out to be one of my least favorite events.

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