Neighborhood Contacts

I know I am just echoing others, but I've found that one of the best parts of the game is Neighborhood Missions. While we are all waiting for new content, I have a feeling that this feature goes largely untapped. There is a boatload of content in these missions containing subplots that provide insight into the workings of the Matrix and the overall story. Each mission contact has his/her own little story that includes working with or against other mission contacts. Naturally, if you treat these like standard missions and run through them as quickly as possible without reading, you're going to get no more enjoyment out of them. But, if you take the time to understand what's going on, I think you'll have fun and be compelled to continue with the next mission.

For starters, it always helps to know a little about the characters. I suggest you read about The Elements, then run missions for each contact in Richland. From there, you can complete the rest of the contacts in Richland, or move on to The Spectrum in the Barrens. International District and Downtown provide a variety of enjoyable characters as well.

Sugaree has prepared excellent Neighborhood Mission reviews (check out her blog).  Click on the contact's name to see the review, when provided.  This table is based on the one at (Thank you Draconis).

Sugaree: Richland's Finest


Area Mission Contact Location Additional Info
Achan Yttri x:607 y:27 z:-38  
Apollyon Raini x:581 y:1 z:-1713  
Camon Heights Silver x:1006 y:-16 z:-513 Basement of building
Dannah Heights Digger x:332 y:-2 z:-1008 Basement of building
Eshean Projects Ruth x:1007 y:-4 z:-1411  
Kedemoth Argon x:587 y:181 z:-914 in Club Duality
Lemone None    
Magog Thallia x:347 y:27 z:-342  
Mannsdale Housing Projects Anti M x:165 y:5 z:-669  
Mara Sister Margaret x:191 y:5 z:121  
Midian Park Beryl x:1410 y:33 z:-1089  
Moriah Projects Molly B.
The Bag Lady
x:745 y:6 z:-259
x:1096 y:7 z:-18
Tabor Park The Chessman x:760 y:5 z:157  
Uriah Industrial Park Mercury (Reloaded) x:-50 y:-14 z:271 Basement of building
Zia None    

Sugaree: The Best and the Rest


Area Mission Contact Location Additional Info
Bathary Row Cerulean x:-1076 y:-6 z:497  
Gracy Heights Mockingbird x:-720 y:1 z:-1507  
Guiness Lake Indigo x:-798 y:-6 z:-988  
Lucero Point Mandarin x:-230 y:-6 z:-285  
Manssen Park Greene x:-836 y:1 z:-60  
Rogers Way Amber x:-548 y:-12 z:-634  
Sobra Shore Violet x:-210 y:-2 z:-1228  
Southard Rose x:-324 y:1 z:-1571  
Stamos Grisaille x:-677 y:-6 z:157  
Area Mission Contact Location Additional Info
Akasaka Operatta x:227 y:-6 z:67  
Furihata Grace x:540 y:1 z:-255  
Ikebukuru Sunshine x:831 y:-10 z:-45  
Jurong Lotus x:-119 y:-6 z:-200  
Kaede Richshaw x:90 y:1 z:-300  
Kowloon Mr. Po x:225 y:-4 z:424  
Murasaki Synn x:-661 y:1 z:340  
Sai Kung The Seamstress x:407 y:-10 z:-241  
Shinjuku Dame White x:-189 y:-6 z:336  
Shirakaba Yuusuke Akayama x:222 y:-4 z:134  
Ueno Mr. Bishop x:-196 y:3 z:88  

Sugaree: Downtown in Review


Area Mission Contact Location Additional Info
Baldwin Heights The Coroner x:-179 y:19 z:433  
Center Park The Sculptress x:-738 y:13 z:142  
Chelsea Hypatia x:64 y:-6 z:-582  
Creston Heights The Landlord x:-1017 y:13 z:559  
Edgewater The Bartender x:-1492 y:-2 z:-998  
Hampton Green Nicky G. x:-77 y:275 z:-214 30th Floor
Historic District Madame T. x:-1031 y:1 z:-652  
Industrial Square The Network x:-168 y:175 z:799  
Lamar Sammy "Lilac" Wien x:246 y:7 z:-62  
Maribeau Tick Tock x:-344 y:13 z:-314  
Morrell The Jeweler x:-1429 y:263 z:-244  
Park East The Newsie x:-515 y:13 z:133  
Pillsen The Chef x:-244 y:19 z:320  
South Vauxton Weaver x:-1376 y:1 z:-781  
Stratford Campus Mr Black x:64 y:13 z:948  
Union Hill The Auditor x:202 y:1 z:711  
Vauxton Pepper x:-1163 y:7 z:-416