EVENT: "Choice and Consequence: Enumerator"


Posted: | By: Tyndall

Zion, Neurophyte Requests Your Wisdom

Attention Zion Operatives:

The soldier Neurophyte has been recovered by your efforts. She is in critical condition, actively dying on her hovercraft.

The accident that caused her injuries also implanted the killcode in her RSI and caused part of her mind to be overwritten by the killcode that is preventing any hope of stabilizing her in the Real.

If we do not extract the killcode from her mind and RSI, thus eliminating it, she will die. If we do make the extraction, we will be able to return her to health.

If she dies, the killcode will be investigated, and added to the Zion weapons cache, and your inventory, as outlined in the last wish of a very brave soldier.

At this time, Neurophyte is in control of her own destiny. We will not force any decision on her. Her crew, and indeed Zion Command, are divided on what we should do.

Send me a note, a paragraph, explaining to Neurophyte if you support her decision or if you believe her life is more important than this code.

I will faithfully send all of your notes to her for her to read and think about. I will not alter them in any way.

In the end it is as simple as your choosing between gauranteeing a killcode for every soldier of Zion, or you will advocate saving the life of this one soldier.

Your missives should be sent directly to: Tyndall@TheMatrixOnline.com I request that you do so as soon as humanly possible. At this point, we may only have 24 hours left. Hurry Zion, your children need you. Tyndall Out.