EVENT: "Choice and Consequence: Enumerator"


Posted: 6.12.05 | By: Flood

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Cave...

Dearest Servants of the Merovingian,

Despite all your efforts, Zion has managed to beat us to the prize by securing that little-orphan-Operative and escorting her to dank safety.

I am as surprised to say this as you will be to hear it, but I find myself in the position of being both the poor loser, and the, dare I say, impressed witness to your hard work. Be that as it may, we musn't forget that this was in fact an extraordinary failure.

Our sources say she?s been taken back to the cave so that she may... do whatever it is one does in a dank and dirty cave. I imagine those plucky little Zionites have already swaddled the girl in one of their famous hand-tangled sack-wear garments I've heard so much about.

Nothing says "Welcome home, cave girl!" like yet another unravelling dirt colored shirt.

Though you shouldn't fret too much, our sources report that Zion isn't one big knitting bee party afterall. Here's how the gossip goes: Little Miss Lost and Found has chosen to play the part of the martyr, insisting that she give up the killcode so that Zion may live happily every after.

Of course, the fact that she?d die in the removal process has caused no end to drama down in the cave. There are many loud-talking Zionites that are arguing against her decision, essentially assuring that the killcode be wasted.

The situation has even managed to tugh on the icy heartstrings belonging to Tyndall, and she has started a letter-writing campaign to Neurophyte in an attempt to talk some sense into the girl.

Personally, being forced to read through a mountiain of Zionite platitudes is about all it would take for me to kick the bucket.

Im anxious to know what the girl decides to do. Even If it doesn't lead to anything significant for us, it is at least amusing, don't you think?

That's all for now, we will speak soon enough.

Most Sincerely,