EVENT: "Choice and Consequence: Enumerator"


Posted: 6.10.05 | By: Flood

Locate Their Bases

Dearest Servant of the Merovingian:

We have a situation. Actually, we have two. The masked nuisances are back and interfering with our operations. Early reports indicate that they have as many as three bases of operation spread throughout the city. So far we've only learned the names of the two who appear to be acting as leaders, Enmascarado and Gemaaskeerd. Those names! Hasn't anyone ever told them it's not the size that matters? Really. Locate these bases, won't you? We'll need the information in order to plan our attack.

Now what, you may ask, could possibly be of equal importance? Zion has "lost"one of their operatives; misplaced somewhere in that wasteland you humans call "the real". I know what you're thinking: Who cares? However, we've intercepted communications that make it clear this girl has discovered something important. While we had only fragments of her message, I can assure you that the Merovingian was excited to catch the word "killcode". There is simply no telling how useful this bit of code may be. We must get our hands on this operative, by whatever means necessary.

The good news is that she doesn't seem to have left the Matrix after placing her distress call. Some of our other associates have already been assigned to search for her body outside. You can make this process much easier by locating her within the Matrix. We can use the connection to trace her. No, we don't expect you to search blindly. Useful information will be posted as Flash Traffic for easy access. Keep in mind that it will be more efficient if some of you search for the bases while others look for this "Neurophyte". I'll let you work out the tedious details of who's going where and with whom on your own.

Most sincerely yours,