EVENT: "Choice and Consequence: Enumerator"


Posted: 6.10.05 | By: Flood

Hunting for Killcodes

My friend,

A killcode. A means in which any code within the Matrix can be quickly and easily deleted. I'll let the horror of that sink in for a moment. We're talking deletion, friends, not something that allows you to dust yourself off and order a drink later.

Oh, I admit it is likely that the code is targeted toward Exiles like myself, but that makes the threat of it no less urgent.

Or, conversely, so very profitable. A killcode in our hands will allow us to dictate terms that lead to greater riches and comfort for all of us. Getting the killcode equals a winning situation for us.

Now to the messy details: It seems the code is in the hands of a young, naive Zionite - like they come any other way. Here is what we know about Neurophyte's (the aforementioned Zionite) location in the Matrix and in your outside world.

Understand that your orders are to find her location in the Matrix. If you cannot pinpoint her location in the Matrix, then any information you have about her location in the physical world will be useful.

What signal we are receiving indicates she is at a center of the Matrix Construct, meaning the MegaCity. We infer through signal analysis that she is at a center of the planet’s total land mass in your outside world.

Her location outside and in the Matrix have aspects that embody Phi, the golden section, and pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference and diameter.

Final readings from her location indicate a mean temperature of 293 degrees. I have no idea if this is useful.

Interferometry from a station in the Machine’s 01, approximately one thousand kilometers from the signal, indicate that power fluctuations continue at Neurophyte’s location. We have manipulated Phi and pi with these readings and received some results that we are investigating.

All latitudes, when manipulated with pi or Phi, have used the operations of multiplication and division.

All longitudes, when manipulated with pi or Phi, have used the operations of addition and subtraction.

Further, analysis of movements of the Floating Feast in the Matrix produce similar manipulations of Phi and pi.

All “x” coordinates, when manipulated with pi or Phi, have used multiplicative or divisive operations. All “z” coordinates, when manipulated with pi or Phi, have used additive or subtractive operations.

Data follows, within standard margins of error:

Latitude data (15.438, 152.416, 5.898)
Longitude data (32.657, -26.373, 26.373)
“x” coordinate data (493.845, 188.668, 4874.546)
“z” coordinate data (-985.760, -979.477, -985.76)

Since you’ve read and pondered all of this, I expect you to report your findings when next we meet.

Yours So Truly,