The End of Beta

How many redpills can say they survived a restart? I wish I hadn't. My whole body aches. This ain't your everyday hangover, that's for damn sure. Strange things were afoot in the Big M over the past few days. Eyes in the sky, flame viruses, all-out war -- stuff weird enough to bake anyone's noodle. The Matrix has many masters, but we all know who really controls this place. When things get out of hand, The Machines can shut it down in an instant, and that's exactly what they've done. Of course, they can't keep it down forever. I'll be waiting.


Eye-pocalypse. The Eyes of March. Those were a couple of names given to the Live Event beta testers were treated to just before launch, and what a treat it was! At that point, I didn't even know what a "Live Event" was or that the MxO team had scheduled anything for us, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the end of the world unfold before my eyes.

Ok, it wasn't just pleasant, it was awesome! I jacked in one day to find myself surrounded by people with red tags. I remember thinking "What the hell does that mean?" It didn't take long to figure it out. Someone hit me with Crash (Disrupt Connection now I think) and I found myself in the Loading Area, naked. Ok, the naked part was a bug, but it was cool to be hit with PvP for the first time unexpectedly. The ensuing events continued to escalate and ensured this event would have a prominent place in MxO lore. Multiplying eyes in an orange sky were unnerving. A quickly spreading flame virus was very dangerous to players, and there was no cure in sight. We were given a preview of Morpheus' death, and subsequent return, by the way ;o). RadioFreeZion (RFZ) was there the whole way with multiple DJ's reporting, which really added to the vibe. This event would be hard to top, but it also built up major anticipation in players for the future of the game. Would those expectations be met?

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