Chapter 2: Episode 3

Ambition. A little bit can be a good thing, but too much will only get you in trouble. Desayd has let his ambition get the better of him, and I've been called in to clean up the mess. The General has revealed himself and is holding out a helping hand. I don't trust the guy, especially with those leaflets falling out of the sky, but I'm not worried. The Merovingian is no dummy when it comes to these matters.

Live Event: Death of the Destroyer

Death. It is the inescapable eventuality for all of us, humans, machines, and exiles alike. Sure, those exiles have ways of staying alive, but sooner or later, everyone's time wil come. I think even the Merovingian knows this.

September 29

As Zion and the Machines make their move against the Assassin, Merv has decided he will stay alive, or so says Flood. It would be nice if the Assassin returned the favor. His "Corrupted Ones" don't seem to care, but I don't mind workin' out my frustrations on them. As"aspects" of the Assassin, they hold fragments of his thoughts.

September 30

That bastard has gone too far this time! Fighting off his corrupted is an annoyance, but now I am one of them! This shit ain't gonna fly (no pun intended).

As if corrupting my RSI wasn't enough, the Assassin has taken over the skies as well.

Redpills have been hard at work assembling the corrupted code fragments to learn more about the Assassin. Meanwhile, Ookami has taken it upon herself to rid the Matrix of the Assassin. I like the sentiment, but she doesn't know what she's got herself into. The Assassin put that dog in her place.

October 1

Finally! Merv has decided that the Assassin's time has come. He's even managed to get us some of those flit guns. It's payback time.

Taking down the Assassin is easier said than done. Even with the flit gun in our arsenal, the Assassin leaves a pile of bodies behind before going back to his haunts.

October 2

The Assassin has somehow split himself into multiple "aspects". Apparently, he intends to fight on multiple fronts. We are ready. Redpills are stationed at his favorite spots waiting for him to come out of hiding. The Assassin comes out and deals his damage, but so are we. These aspects seem weaker than the whole.

Before long, the Assassin realizes his tactical error and makes a run for it. Nothin' doing. We're not about to let him get away this time.

The Assassin is dead. Good riddance. Zion is happy that Morpheus' killer is gone, I'm sure, but I wonder if they are satisfied. Time will tell. For now, Merv has called us together to reward us for our victory: Cake. Mmmmmmm.

The party is not over. A bunch of us head over to Club Hel to celebrate our victory.

October 3

Flood has a memento for us: a fly in amber. I won't miss that son of a bitch, that's for sure, but it is a reminder of how fragile the Matrix is. I think I'll keep it. Now, I'm gonna enjoy a few days off.

Chapter 3: Episode 1

Revenge. They say it's a dish best served cold. If Zion is any indication, it doesn't leave the consumer very full, because they are looking for more. The Assassin's death wasn't enough to satisfy their appetite, so they are coming at the Merovingian full tilt. The target is Merv's constructs, and they've been bothering The Effectuator in particular. He's the keeper of the constructs, and an annoying sum' bitch to say the least. I've been assigned to the case, and here I thought I was going on vacation.


This event rocked! I wondered how good the event would be with LET gone, but the devs pulled it off. There was an interesting puzzle to assemble the corrupted frags and figure out where the Assassin would be. Splitting the Assassin into multiple aspects was a bit of a stretch from a story perspective, but it allowed more people to participate in the event. I thought it was cool that a low-level player was standing right next to me dealing damage to the Assassin.

As you might expect, not everything went smoothly. The event opened up with HvCFT Transmissions for all days posted on DN1. Apparently, Walrus had a problem using SOE's web system, and he accidentally posted all of the articles. I resisted reading them until they were pulled down, but others read before realizing what happened. There was another point of controversy. Four Assassin masks were rewarded to the players that dealt the final blow to the Assassin. These contained major buffs, and many were not happy about this, especially since so many participated in his death. Personally, I didn't mind that special items were given out, but it was clear from a few PvP battles that the mask wearers were overpowered. I think they were toned down with Combat Revision 2.0.

Here's an interesting tidbit: It was originally intended that a real player would take down the Assassin on the barge, and that player would appear in Cinematic 3.1. Chadwick talked about this in the MxO fanzine. Later, it was determined resources weren't available to make this happen. :o(

With the holidays approaching, this would be the last story-based live event of the year, but there was plenty of good stuff to come.

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