Halloween 2006
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Winter Holiday 2006


Halloween Masquerade 2006

Chapter 6: Episode 2

Winter Holiday 2006


I was not a subscriber during this period, so I can't comment on the content. Most of the development was related to the Halloween and Winter Holiday events. These additions were a hit with players, so it was time well spent.

Looking back over 2006, the high points were the release of Combat Revision 2.0 and the Anniversary Event. Unlike combat changes in other MMO's, CR 2.0 was well received by most players. A Piece of Blue Sky turned out to be the only major story-based live event of the year, a huge departure from all the events in 2005. I wonder if there will be a big event in March 2007? As far as new developments, the critical mission archive was the most significant, in my opinion. The holiday events sounded fun, but they took 3-4 months away from other developments. Next year, I'm hoping they concentrate more on content that can be enjoyed year round.

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